Recently I was involved in a used equipment deal where the seller was located in Canada, I am located in the US, and the end user was located in Australia. This poses a major obstacle on two fronts. First how to get the equipment into the US to load at our facility. Next for anyone who has not had the privilege of exporting used equipment to Australia, it is a task all of its own. I was working with the end users freight coordinator to make this deal go around. After miles of paperwork and over 200 emails, the containers landed in Australia in quarantine for dirt and debris. Long story short, if you are exporting any used machinery to Australia they’re three things you need to know. 

  1. Absolutely no timber can be used, this means wood pallets, cardboard, crates ect.
  2. Equipment must be thoroughly washed down, if this is not possible inform you client they have to pay for fumigation.
  3. Packing list is not identified by the name of the machine but rather what the machine part’s function is.

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